Flower Power


The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever ~ Isaiah 30: 8

I love the arrival of spring, and I’m always excited to see the first daffodils and tulips peeking their colorful heads out of the barren winter ground. I always take plenty of pictures of the flowers in early spring, because I know in just a few short weeks they will be gone.

Fortunately, the spring flowers are replaced by the beautiful blooms  of summer, and the summer flowers will eventually step down to make way for the fall flowers before the harsh and flowerless winter season arrives.

I enjoy reading scriptures that refer to things in nature.  Since I love the outdoors, nature-inspired scriptures make it easier for me to recall certain verses. It’s like a power boost to my memory.

When I look at each flower, I see more than just their beauty. I see a lovely reminder that God’s word is everlasting, even though the flowers are only temporary. What a comfort to know that there’s something that stands forever in a world that’s ever changing.

Maybe you feel like you can’t count on anyone. Perhaps you’ve been betrayed by a spouse, wounded by a friend, or you’ve been disappointed by a rebellious child’s actions. Maybe you feel as if each new day brings nothing but more stress and hurt into your life.

The people in our life and the things of this world will disappoint us at times, but God never will. His promises are real, true, and lasting. He is our firm place to stand when life is falling apart around us.

We can count on God and his word to give us hope when we feel hopeless. When we feel weak and beaten down by the challenges of life, God is our strength. He is our joy when life seems anything but happy. When we feel unloved by others, we can remember that God’s love for us is eternal.

As you go about your daily routine, may each flower you see blooming along the road,  or in a garden, be a reminder of the one we can count on for eternity. Though the colorful flowers will fade, God and his word shall stand forever. What a beautiful promise from the one who created all things!

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