2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Musings

  1. Dear Joni,
    Your blog still remains my most favorite. I know that you will have verses and that you speak truth from God’s word that is always just what I need to hear! Thank you so much for encouraging so many of us when you have been through so much yourself. I read your tribute to your dad and I had to think of my own dear dad who passed away in 2013. A few tears fell again as I read what you wrote. I also grew up on a farm. It was a wonderful life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement you give! Praying for God to pour out his blessings on you today and that you too will be encouraged!

    1. Sue,

      It’s always a blessing to hear from you! You have a wonderful way with words, and you never fail to inspire and encourage me to keep pressing on even when life gets rough. I truly believe God brought you into my life, and His timing is always perfect. When I’m having a bad week and feel like giving up, your words of encouragement have been a beacon of light and hope shining through the darkness. I’m glad you had the experience of growing up on a farm, and I’m sure you have many good memories of your childhood on the farm. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you abundantly today and every day.

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