Are You Soaring?


Isaiah 40:31 says if we hope in the Lord our strength will be renewed. We will soar on wings like eagles. We will run and walk without growing weary or faint.

What is the significance of soaring on wings like an eagle? Why the eagle imagery?

The eagle has superior aerial skills. Since ancient times, the majestic bird has been a symbol of strength and courage. An eagle’s wingspan can reach up to eight feet across. Its feathers are designed to reduce turbulence. When its wings catch a thermal wind, it can soar for significant distances with minimal movement, which in turn helps conserve energy.

Eagles don’t flap their wings frantically to stay aloft. They fly high above the lowlands making use of the wind currents to gain height almost effortlessly.

I don’t know about you, but many days I don’t feel like I’m soaring.  I feel more like a helpless bird, desperately flapping its wings in a frantic attempt to keep flying. This is usually the result of focusing on my problems or worrying.

Biblical truth is so simple and straightforward, but it’s easy to forget the simple words in scripture that can change our lives for the better.  What do we need to do to soar effortlessly like the eagle? One thing. Hope in the Lord.

If we are hoping in the Lord, our focus is on him and eternity, not on our daily struggles. When we dwell on our earthly troubles, we lose the wind beneath our wings, start to fall, and end up flailing about in desperation to stay aloft.

I find great comfort in Isaiah 40: 31. It’s always been one of my favorite verses of scripture, but what does it really mean to hope in the Lord?

To hope means to look forward to something with an expectant attitude and assurance that things will work out. When we hope in the Lord, we can rise above the turbulence of everyday life. We see things in light of eternity rather than the here and now. We know the best is yet to come.

A Bible study teacher once said we should always keep our eternity glasses on. When we only look at the things going on around us, it’s easy to feel discouraged and hopeless.

We turn on the news and see only the growing immorality across the world. As Christians, it’s hard to stay positive in a society that endorses ungodliness and filth. We look at problems within our own families or work environments. Our hearts break when we see others suffering. Instead of feeling hopeful, we often feel hopeless.

Now, more than ever, we must hope in the Lord. We must look to the future with an expectant attitude and trust in the Lord and his promises in scripture.

If we are Christians, we know we will spend eternity in heaven where there is no pain or suffering. We will experience the greatest love of all when we go to be with the Lord.

When we fail to trust God’s truth and choose to worry and fret about all the things going on in the world and our personal lives, we become like a helpless bird. We flap our wings furiously to keep from falling. This zaps our strength and results in weariness and exhaustion.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching an eagle glide across the sky, it’s amazing to see how effortlessly they fly. The eagle’s flight is peaceful and serene. It appears confident and powerful.

What a great reminder of the confidence we can have when we trust in the Lord. It doesn’t require great effort to soar like an eagle. We only need to hope in the Lord.

Are you soaring today or flapping your wings in a desperate attempt to stay aloft?

2 thoughts on “Are You Soaring?

  1. This message with a beautiful description of the charachteristics of an eagle, is very encouraging. I needed this message today. Thankyou for sharing!

    1. Aline,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the eagle post. I often feel as if I’m flapping about helplessly instead of soaring, but the eagle is a good reminder of how we can soar when we trust God. May God bless you today!

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